A train passes by Julaca, in Bolivia
Antonio Rull
Antonio Rull

Product Manager working remotely from Spain

About me

I’m a creative, data-informed and user oriented Product Manager with 10+ years of experience. I have battled with payment flows in three different B2B and B2C subscription-based products.

Now I work at BeBanjo, providing a B2B SaaS solution for the editorial and operational management of video distribution for clients in the US and Europe such as Warner, BBC or ITV.

I manage a Product Management community in Telegram with over 400 subscribers (in Spanish).


Small selection of the photos that I usually take and share in my travels.

Resources for Product Managers

Product Management Telegram channel

Telegram channel

Get interesting content related to Product Management such as frameworks, best practices, templates, etc. in Telegram

Over 400 subscribers

Product Management Knowledge base

Knowledge base

Web version of the Telegram channel where I collect by categories interesting links to product strategy approaches, frameworks, etc.

Antonio Rull