Suscribia: discovery phase

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Suscribia is a product still in phase 1 incubated by Mendesaltaren.

On the basis of a public proof of concept in, the process of interviews with potential clients and users begins. More than 20 interviews were carried out over two months in which different value proposals were validated and rejected. For these interviews, we had content creators who already have a newsletter and could switch to paying ones, Youtubers, people who pay for newsletters, and CEOs of startups as advisors.

After analyzing all the feedback from these interviews, we decided to pivot the project scope to find better business opportunities. Thus, Subscribia has gone from being a paid newsletter service to a gateway service through which any content creator can give its subscribers access to the channel of their choice: Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, e-mail…

Once this feedback is confirmed, a User Story Map is created to build an MVP, for which we would need at least five beta-testers with which to validate different hypotheses such as “Is your audience willing to pay for your content” or “Do you need to give something else for your audience to pay you”, among others.

User Story Map


Landing page

Suscribia landing page

Customer Journey

Suscribia customer journey

  • Aug-Nov 2020

  • User research interviews

    20+ interviews with potential target customers

  • Talking with potential investors