B2B ECPrevium service

As the first contact of a user-centered revenue stream, El Confidencial launches ECPrevium, an advanced and exclusive news service focused on high-level corporate clients.

Based on previous work with beta-testers, the basic features with which to launch the service were defined, accompanied by a customer service that would deal with an audience that was not very agile with new technologies.

In this sense, choosing to build this product only as an app brought some problems of adoption and activation. A period of manual and individual accompaniment was started with the customers, following them up through Amplitude and helping them in case of doubt by phone or e-mail.

After the launch, a growth phase began, focusing on creating and prioritizing hypotheses to improve usage figures based on AARRR metrics. One such experiment was to prioritize content from customers' industrial sectors based on their e-mail address. This experiment is intended to increase the use of the app.





Customer support



✔ Stakeholders meetings

✔ Experimentation

✔ Data analysis

✔ AARRR metrics


✔ Customer feedback

✔ E-mail marketing