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Objective. To build and market a subscription management platform that offers CRM functions, marketing automation, and personalized content service, as well as a public part from which subscribers can register and manage their account.

The challenge. To start a very ambitious project from scratch with a recently assembled team and very tight delivery times ( received funding from Google to hire the team and carry out the project. This funding was associated with a series of scheduled deliveries).

The team. An ad-hoc team was assembled for the construction of the new platform, consisting of two backs, a front, a technical leader, a data science and a UX/PO. The team was supported by the internal resources of from the marketing department.

  • March 2016 – Nov 2018</h4 >

  • Google Grants proposal documentation</h4 >

  • Product discovery and features</h4 >

  • UX and Data Scientist employee interviews</h4 >

  • Product Owner for UX and Data</h4 >

Antonio Rull