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    Hello! I am Antonio Rull, vintage ’83, aged in casks in Seville and aged in different areas of Spain. I welcome you to my website, where you will find a good part of what I am and what I do. Thank you in advance for your interest in me. You can find and follow me on various social networks: Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Bluesky y Mastodon.

    Portrait of Antonio Rull

    The first thing I’ll tell you about myself, the profession: I work as Senior Product Manager at BeBanjo, a company that provides a cloud solution for television and streaming operators. We are a team of just over 40 people, although since the acquisition by Mediagenix -in July 2022- we are about 300 people working to ensure that all programs and series are published correctly and on time on channels and services in Europe and the US.

    Previously, I worked as a Product Manager at marketgoo, where I aimed to increase the value offered to customers of a premium WordPress plugin that optimizes search engine positioning (SEO).

    Prior to that, I worked in the digital media sector for six years, focusing on generating revenue from readers at eldiario.es and El Confidencial. I also did other things during that time, such as a timelapse of the coronation of Felipe VI, the realization of short videos of Micromachismos, an interview with the creator of Telegram made through Telegram itself, as well as participations as a speaker at journalism congresses.

    As part of my constant learning process, I maintain a Telegram community of more than 400 people. “Cuaderno de Producto” started as an alternative to newsletters, with a more practical, direct tone and without a specific periodicity.

    Hobbies and passions

    Photographing, traveling, and playing video games are among my most enduring hobbies.

    I consider video games to be a part of the novel elements of my generation. Ever since the Atari 2600 came into my house and left my joints with Outlaw, I haven’t stopped playing. You won’t find me spending hours with Fortnite, but more on strategy games like Cities:Skylines, simulators like Flight Simulator or more casual ones like Mario Kart. I have more than 800 points playing online 🙂

    Photography and travel are very intertwined in my life. Because of this, I usually take good photographic equipment with me on most of my trips since I was about to turn photography into a career. On the last big trip where I risked not taking it and relying on the iPhone, a trip to the west coast of the US of A, I realized that the difference in sensor is noticeable, and I think I’ll be taking my new Sony A7C to my next destination.

    I usually post photos from these trips on my Instagram account, and I also have some photos available for download on Unsplash. I also have a drone, which I use the few times I can due to strict legislation. I am especially proud of this video I shot in different beaches of the Costa Da Morte, in Galicia.

    If my memory serves me correctly, I have visited 14 countries, two or three of them for stopovers, and I have enjoyed them all very much. It is very difficult for me to highlight any one in particular, although Japan and Bolivia were two very special trips, where I would go back tomorrow if I had the opportunity and there were not many other destinations left to visit. In Europe, Greece is incredible, even though I have not been to the islands yet. Even closer, as Siniestro Total says, thank goodness we still have Portugal.

    Mapamundi con los vuelos que he realizado y países que he visitado, by Flighty.

    Apart from photographs, I also bring a lot of locations and experiences to recommend to those who make the same trips. Here you can find all the reviews I’ve left on Google Maps of all the places I’ve been and that have deserved one (almost always positive).

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